The Outer Limits Tour is not all about the riders, although they are the coolest part.  The team is comprised of a course construction and safety crew as well. 

    To ensure the safety of the team we have two personell ready at all times to relay information to the riders about the course safety.  If there are any foreign objects on the course, if a rider is off his sled, or if there is any other variable about the course that raises concern the safety team will stop operations until the course is in proper working order.

    During these safety intermissions, and throughout the rest of the show, we have a professional M.C. (usually the team spokesman, Dave) that is relaying all of the information to the crowd.  Aside from the minimal safety intermissions, the crowd wants to know what the tricks are called, who's performing them and what is the show all about.  The M.C. is the glue that combines the riders and the show with the fans.

Dave Carlberg. Event Coordinator/M.C.
Ralph Gallagher. Operations Manager/Mechanic
Travis Philpot. Operations