"For the magnitude of show Rave X puts on, it is surprisingly easy to deal with them and make a show happen.  Ralph, Dave and crew are there every step of the way to assistance in set up, promotion, feedback, insurance and more.  Having Rave X do a show for your business or event is no brainer if you like crowds of great fans and potential customers at your location and tons of promotion and press!  I would recommend Rave X to everyone, but our competition!"

--Jonny DW @ Boss Power Equipment, Rangeley, Maine

"Thanks for all the recognition that you are giving Ski-Doo dealers. We also appreciate all that you guys do in promoting Ski-Doo because we know that all of your fans know that you ride the best snowmobiles in the business.  That makes your team the best Extreme Performance Team in the world". As you guys always say, "We're killing it"


-Rick Salley @ Ski-Doo, Regional Sales

"FLY Racing is proud to sponsor Rave X and the Outerlimits crew.  The whole team represents well and does some pretty amazing things at their shows.  Rave X helps prove that when it comes to the demands of snowmobiling and freestyle, FLY Racing is the prefferred choice when it comes to handlebars, risers, helmets, and apparel!!"


--Rich Kumm @ FLY Racing's snowmachine and watercraft race support manager

“The RAVE X show at our SnoBowl last year was nothing short of fantastic!  They brought in half the gate at our show to watch team RAVE X take on the jumps and do back flips”

--John Zudell, @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway, VP of Operations and Development