Rider: Joe Mclafferty, 17

Sled: 2010 and 2011 XP RS 600

Town: Turner, Maine


Activities other than Snowmobiling: Macking


Work: K&K Excavating


Status: Depends on the day of the week


Favorite Music: Beyonce


Favorite Movie: Backyardigans “The Movie”


Note from Dave and Ralph:  We first rode with Joey in the backcountry of Maine and thought he was 21 or 22 years old.  He was RIPPING.  When we found out that he was only 16 and was a successful motocross racer we decided to push the freestyle issue.  It only took one ramp sesh to get him hooked.  Joe was throwing seat grabs within his first few hits.  Now Joe is leaving his comfort zone and hucking a nice little bag of tricks.  We are stoked to have Joe on the team and hope that he keep his grades up so that he can keep throwing down!!!!