Darryl "DJ" Coffin

Bath, Me

Rider: DJ Coffin, 22


Sled/ATV: Polaris/Honda


Town: Bath, Me


Activities other than Snowmobiling: Hanging out with friends, working, riding quads.


Work: Mechanic at Dr. Coffin’s Garage


Relationship Status: Hey, I just met you and this sounds crazy.  Here's my number, call me maybe?


Favorite Music: Easy listening, Kenny G, Michael Bolton, etc.


Favorite Movie: Joy Ride “CandyCane”


Note from Dave and Ralph:  We actually had to search DJ out because he is so modest.  We heard about some kid from Bath that hits his ramp daily throwing huge tricks.  After doing a little research we realized this kid is one of the sickest quad freestylers in the country.  He is always constantly practicing hitting ramps on his quad and sled.  He has successfully landed a backflip on his 50 and his full size dirtbike.  After getting a little exposure from the Rave X freestyle demos, DJ started to get noticed by some bigger operations.  Getting new tricks daily, DJ is ready to take the quad world by storm.