“The RAVE X show at our SnoBowl last year was nothing short of fantastic!  They brought in half the gate at our show to watch team RAVE X take on the jumps and do back flips”

--John Zudell, @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway, VP of Operations and Development

     The riders of the Rave X Outer Limits Tour are comprised mostly of Maine residents.  We pride ourselves in having created this tour from our roots here in Maine.  With locals like Seth and Brandon Bell, Joe Mclafferty, DJ Coffin and Alex Bishop we start with a solid base here in Maine.

     With crucial additions to the freestyle team like Luke Maue and Fred Rasmussen from Michigan, Eric St. John from Vermont (trying to get him to move to Maine), Dane Ferguson from Alaska and Sam Rogers from Montana we have really well rounded team.

     The Outer Limits Tour has access any freestyle in the industry but this is our core team that helps define who we are.  We are proud to promote and vouch for any of these riders.  Click on a name below to get more information on the rider and what they are in to.